Who We Are

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is the seventh largest school district in California, serving more than 57,000 students who speak more than 44 documented languages across 132 schools in the city of San Francisco every year. We aim for every student who attends SFUSD schools to discover his or her spark, along with a strong sense of self and purpose. Our goal is that all students graduate from high school ready for college and career, equipped with the skills, capacities and dispositions outlined in SFUSD’s Graduate Profile. Every day in our quest to achieve this mission we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century.

What It Means to Work Here

When you join our team at SFUSD you can expect to be part of an inclusive, innovative and equity-focused organization that approaches public education as a social justice movement, requiring broad collaboration across an array of strategic partners. In 2014, SFUSD created an inspiring statement, Vision 2025, which captures our aspirations and vision for the future of public education in San Francisco. Alongside the District’s strategic plan, Transform Learning. Transform Lives. SFUSD is reimagining how public education will change over the next decade to meet the dynamic future of San Francisco. As a CORE district, SFUSD is also a leader in critical systems change for more comprehensive school accountability and innovations that help strengthen the instructional core, which is the foundation of our strategic plan and Vision 2025.

Position Description

As a substitute teacher for SFUSD, you will be responsible for the continued learning of all students in your classroom, maintain a safe and supportive classroom culture, and collaborate with other teachers and administrators to ensure a successful school day.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Execute the full schedule of the regular teacher. This includes the classroom day, study halls, yard duty, and any special duties performed by the absent teacher.
  • Implement the lesson plans for the class to which they are assigned and correct classroom assignments and homework received, as time permits.
  • Create and maintain classroom control and discipline that fosters a safe and productive learning environment in accordance with school policies
  • Create and maintain a climate of respect and fairness for all students
  • Escalate to school administrators as appropriate when a serious discipline problem arises.
  • Leave adequate notes regarding what was accomplished in class, a description of problems that may have occurred and resolutions to said problems, a lesson plan for the next day if applicable, and any other information that may be required by an administrator.
  • Report to school promptly, if not before, the scheduled start time of each assignment
  • Work at least one day per week or a minimum of 36 days per school year

What We Offer


  • If you work 70 daily assignments (including 1/2 day assignments) or less, you will be paid $174.66 per day (“Step 1”)
  • If you work 71 daily assignments (including 1/2 day assignments) or more, you will be paid back a rate of $211.29 per day (“Step 2”)*


  • 10 day bonus: an additional $32.51 per day is earned after working ten (10) consecutive days in the same assignment. After the 10th day the additional amount is paid retroactively.
  • High Potential School bonus: an additional $17.83 per day is earned for every assignment at a High Potential School
  • Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA) bonus: substitutes may be eligible for one of the following bonuses per semester, whichever is greater. Bonuses will be paid after the semester has ended.
    • $200 for teaching at least sixty (60) days per semester
    • ​$400 for teaching at least fifty (50) days per semester in High Potential school(s)


During their first year of hire, Day-to-Day Substitutes are unfortunately not eligible for district-subsidized health or dental benefits. However, in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, at the end of each fiscal year (6/30), the District conducts a "Look Back", in which it calculates the hours that each employee has worked that year.

Employees who work a minimum average of 20-29 hours per week from the beginning of the school year will be eligible for healthcare coverage for the following school year. You can read more about substitute healthcare coverage here.

Please note that this only applies to employees who have worked an entire school year; if you are hired mid-school year, you unfortunately won't be eligible for the Look Back that school year.

*Once employees receive the Step 2 pay rate and/or health benefits, they must work the same average minimum the following school year in order to keep the Step 2 rate and/or health insurance coverage for the subsequent school year.

As a substitute teacher, you will be able to:

  • Explore different school sites and gain experience working with students at a variety of grade levels.
  • Establish yourself within the SFUSD district and school community, and forge connections at a school site where you might like to acquire a classroom teaching position.
  • Provide safety, support, and continued learning for all students

Who We Want

We want talented people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are inspired by our mission steeped in equity, and who are motivated to unleash our children’s potential. We want people who are strong collaborators, skilled communicators, and problem solvers comfortable in a community of continuous learning.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution
  • Fulfillment of Basic Skills Requirement through:
    • Passing score on the California Basic Educational Skills Test; OR
    • Minimum ACT scores: 23 in Math, 22 in Reading; OR
    • Minimum SAT scores: 550 in Math, 500 in Reading
  • Negative TB test administered within 60 days of hire
  • Clearance of fingerprint background check
  • Be available for assignments at least once a week, particularly on Mondays and Fridays
  • Be flexible and willing to work all SFUSD schools, particularly at our High Potential Schools
  • Work at least 12 days during the first semester, at least one day per week, or a minimum of 36 days by the end of the school year

Application Process

  1. Candidate submits application
  2. Candidate is sent a form asking for contact information for 2 professional references.
  3. A questionnaire is automatically sent to the two references you indicate in Step 2 above. Applications will not be reviewed until at least 1 reference is returned.
  4. Application is pre-screened by Sub Office
  5. Everyone who passes the pre-screen is invited to an in-person interview event. Interview events happen monthly*
  6. Individuals who are offered a position will be sent instructions to onboard, including detailed instructions for submitting materials for a 30 Day Emergency Substitute Permit


I never received a reference form. What should I do? Please search your inbox and/or spam folder for an email from "SFUSD Substitutes"

My reference hasn't received the questionnaire. What should I do? Please have your references search in their inbox and/or spam folder for an email from "SFUSD Substitutes"

Where should I sent my transcripts/ CBEST? Candidates who are given an offer after the interview event will be given detailed instructions for applying for a substitute permit with the California Teaching Commission. We advise holding off on submitting your own materials to them as it can delay the process.

I am a student teacher; do I need to apply or interview? If you are only interested in subbing for your master teacher, you will be able to skip the interview after submitting your application and reference. If you plan to sub in any other classroom, you will be required to go through the regular application process.

I was a sub for SFUSD in the past; do I need to reapply? Yes; all individuals who are not currently active substitutes need to submit an application.

I have another position with SFUSD; do I need to reapply? Yes; all individuals who are not currently active substitutes need to submit an application.